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The video above illustrates a number of characteristics of our gel. The maple leaf mold, filled with Opus gel, has now cooled and set. You will notice:

1. The sticky nature of this formula.

2. Relative ease of removal of product

3. Restorative – although it may look as if the piece is ruined and beyond repair, you will see it quickly comes back to its original shape.

4. The mold is undamaged and can be used repeatedly

Notice how resilient the Opus gel is …. Stretched many times its original size, it immediately bounces back to the original form.

This video illustrates the flexibility of our gel once applied on a stretch material. Opus gel has been applied, and is visible on the top surface of the stretch material. The hot gel infuses to the surface and once set it adheres and stretches with the movement of the material.

Opus gel conforms to mold detail. And the transfer of design pattern is rapid and permanent. This illustrates the stretching capabilities of our waffle textured disks.

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