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Partnership Opportunities

Our business purpose is to manufacture custom gel components that are incorporated into products for which our new ‘partner’ has an established infrastructure (and marketing/sales expertise) to introduce and sell to specific target markets.
Our forward thinking team is always looking for opportunities to work with like-minded innovators. Whether you are an academic or from industry, we welcome the chance to collaborate. Our ability to manufacture custom gel components for all sectors of industry opens the door to a limitless list of potential future partners. Our primary goal is to form symbiotic relationships that are both profitable and revolutionize the landscape of every sector we target.
We see opportunities in.

    1. Wheelchair cushions and back support
    2. RV cushions and mattresses
    3. Seniors products...such as
      1. Pressure reducing pads
      2. Warming pads...for arthritics
    4. Specialty cushions...e.g. for bingo players
    5. Protection pads....e.g. for school buses
    6. Pet mattresses
    7. Warm/cool therapy wraps
    8. Heated massage table toppers

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