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OpusGel Thermal testing

Thermal Testing of Hexyoo Scientific Gel Products

Mike Holmes, Neuromechanics and Ergonomics Lab

University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON, Canada

NewCo Team: Bob Macmillian, Peter Davidson, Kris Edwards, Jason Thomson, Ross Libbey



  1.     To quantify the change in temperature of various Hexyoo Gel products when exposed to hot and cold environments.
  2.     To determine the Gel’s ability to transfer hot/cold to participant.

Test 1:

  •     Control condition: temperature of the product at room temperature (blue bars)
  •     Testing: temperature of the product after 5 minutes at body temperature (orange bars)
  •     Opus 8185 increased temperature the most; Foam product increased the least
  •     Opus 84 was removed from freezer at same temperature as Ice




Test 2:
Thermal response of the Opus 84 after removal from freezer for 85 minutes sitting at room temperature.



Test 3:
Post 5 minute body temperature test, the follow graph documents the time to return each product to room temperature.



Test 4:

  • Opus 8185 removed from freezer and placed on participants knee for 5 minutes
  • Recording of skin surface temperature



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